Features of BitiCodes, the new automated crypto trading software


Trading bitcoin and other cryptos have lately become one of the primary sources of income for many. And it’s been a great investment opportunity for some years now.

Nevertheless, the crypto sector is highly volatile. That’s why bitcoin traders are looking for tools to make the right investment decision. Many traders are ready to use automated trading software to improve their efficiency and profitability and make the trading process easier.

One of the latest and most reliable ATS on the market is BitiCodes. Let’s see what it offers.

It’s profitable

The platform can enable profits of up to 70% daily is one of the most amazing features of this ATS. That means you can reach a profit of up to $150 at the end of your first trading day if your initial deposit is $250. And you can continue with this result day after day.

As stated on BitiCodes’ official website, their bot’s alleged win rate is approximately 90% of the opened trades. However, beware of the fact that every open trade bears the risk and that one can lose funds while trading with trading bots. It is also impossible to verify the success rate claimed by BitiCodes or the daily return.

A demo trading option is available.

Thanks to the possibility of using the demo on this platform, traders eager to trade but with a lack of substantial knowledge could grasp the trading system and Biticodes user interface.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to practice with the demo to try out various trading strategies and evaluate their performance before investing any cent.

Efficient Customer services

Customer support is accessible 24 hours a day, and you can contact them via chat, email and. The services provided are exceptional, straightforward, and fast. If you need to address any concerns or questions, you can contact their customer service, and the operators will be happy to assist.

Free registration

Free registration represents another notable characteristic of BitiCodes. It’s completely free, with no hidden costs. The platform does not accept a part of your funds or profits.

Easy registration process

For this ATS registration process is easy, fast, and straightforward. It doesn’t require traders to fill out any complicated forms. And they do not have to go through some complex process to complete the registration since all the process takes no more than 30 minutes of your time.

Improved Trading Accuracy

To retain a good success rate, it is reportedly said that the advanced cryptocurrency trading algorithm has been optimized by the Biticodes team behind it over the years.

It’s safe

The commercial bot complies with industry best practices to protect against malicious elements like hackers, prevent data breaches, and keep your personal information and funds safe, and the commercial bot complies with industry best practices.

Biticodes offers outstanding automated trading services to all those interested in crypto trading. To get more details regarding the process of registration and how the whole trading process goes, make sure to check Biticodes review. And finally, before venturing into real trading, don’t forget to try out the platform by using its demo account options.

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